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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about getting your website onto the first page of Google's organic ranking. We are the Digital Agency that adds elements of Performance Marketing to the right chemistry to operate the business on the web. SEO Host Monster bases its success on the extreme specialization and expertise SEO. Relying on its professional team means having the certainty of being followed by some of the most prepared SEO on the market, and supported by an agency structured to be able to face any kind of SEO project to any degree of competitiveness.

Our services focus on consulting SEO geared to improving business performance and visibility on Google through SEO activities On-site SEO and off-site, but also affect the advice of Web Analytics, the active management of brand reputation on engines search.

Our SEO services deliver traffic to your website and profit in your bank account

We take care to increase the visibility of the website in the results pages of proper SEO activities TURIN Spread across search engines that aims to allow a proper finding of the site by users who seek on the engines and normally determines the increase in the volume of qualified traffic (potential customers) that a web site receives through search engines. 90% of Google searches won’t make it past the first page. Our SEO services are purely focused on improving your rankings and getting your business on page one. This will drive more traffic to your website to help you maximise conversions. SEO provider services are an ongoing investment that can yield a high return for your business.

So what do we actually do?

We brainstorm with you to understand exactly what product or services you want to focus on and generate internal leads for.
We complete a full SEO Website Audit and analysis which is followed by an SEO strategy. Pre-planning is carried out including keyword research, competitor analysis and search demand as well a solid plan moving forward.
On-page optimisation & content creation to ensure Google understands what each page of your website is about, followed by technical on-page settings and optimisation such as headers, title tags, meta, URL structure, internal linking and more.
Off-page optimisation is then undertaken to ensure Google trusts your website, so you rank higher. Monitoring and testing through analytics, web-master tools, third-party technology is being done while tracking all keyword positions and movements for results shared with you monthly.

Content and best SEO practices:

Writing incredibly engaging content that is informative and easy to understand is key. By focussing on the content from both a client engagement and SEO point of view, you make it easier for potential customers to understand your story and what value you can offer them.

You also make it easier for Google to find you through this process by following our SEO methodology. Target keywords should not be stuffed throughout your content, but rather naturally sprinkled throughout.

White-hat SEO :

White hat SEO (Search-engine-optimisation) is the only option for businesses who really want to rank on Google search results long-term.

Businesses who are looking for fast results that are prepared to cut corners are likely to see short-term results followed by massive drops in position due to Google algorithm changes and updates.

Some clients even come to Seo Host to help fix and mend the damage done by other SEO services companies that have experienced ranking penalties.

Local SEO :

Seo Host can also offer specific SEO work such as local SEO services pricing which can be a very affordable and cost-effective way of promoting your business to the local community. Placing your website on Google maps have your website appear at the top of local searches with a Google Maps business listing is a great way to generate some local business. Google maps and local searches are even more essential for mobile based searches with consumers looking for a quick and reliable solution to their problem.

Building quality backlinks:

If your website is not visible across major search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing you have essentially built an online flyer for your existing customers. 90% of Google searches won’t make it past the first page. Seo Host is a full service, SEO company that specialises in getting our clients ranked on page-one, long-term, driving more sales and customers through an increase in traffic. Websites should be used to generate awareness, leads and new business, and when optimised right, can do exactly that.

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